Summer/Autumn Edition – Top Picks for Men – Guest post by Thomas Eliot

Summer-Fall Edition Top Picks for Men

Fall is here knocking at our doors. This is that time of the year when the air blows at its driest mood and the sun shines at its warmest. As the season changes, your cloth selection also sees a slight change. Most men find it difficult to swap their summer wardrobe with the one for fall. They often get confused at which colors to keep, accessories to drop, shoes to wear etc. If you are facing a similar confusion, we have a quick guide for you. Go through the following list to take a look at the summer-fall edition top picks for men.


  1. Full-sleeve T-Shirts

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A man’s fall wardrobe is basically in complete if he does not invest in a set of full-sleeve t-shirts. You can pick colors like grey, rustic red, brown, tan, olive or deep blues. Go for solid colors rather than bright prints or patches. This is a functional pick that will help you make the summer-fall transition with ease.


  1. Go-Khaki

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Be it trousers, shirt or a smart bag, khaki is an ideal trend to sport over the fall. You can pick the best outfits in khaki from high-end designers like Dockers. Team it up with tan or brown to take your fashion quotient up by a notch.


  1. An Off-Duty Jacket


During fall, the days get shorter and slightly less warm. For the evening, you may want to keep a jacket handy. Go for an off-duty jacket that keeps you warm. Also, pick the one that goes with latest fall fashion trend. You can go for leather and suede jackets.


  1. A Watch


Irrespective of the season, a watch is essential for any man. If you don’t want to pull out your expensive luxury watches for the fall, watch out for Valere London (Launching this Autumn 2016). They are a London based watch brand, who create minimalistic and modern timepieces.


  1. A Pair of Brown Shoes


A pair of brown shoes is an essential accessory for the fall. These will go well with almost every outfit for yours. You can pick a formal pair for your work wear while a casual, laid back pair for the off-duty days.

Apart from these essential picks, a man must have the following things added to his wardrobe for a super-spunky fall: a light woven scarf, a mustard tie, a stylish messenger bag and a pair of aviators.

Now that you have this complete list out in the open, keeping you fall look on fleek wouldn’t be a problem. Go ahead, make the most of this list!

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