5 Best Online Tools for You​

Time to pump up your dull life and try these cool online tools. From finishing your work in easiest way up to choosing your best tattoo font to be inked later, we have it all here. These 5 best online tools for you will help ease up your day and turn you from a neat freak to the new kid on the block. All of these online tools are free to use without any hidden fee.


  1. Tattoo Generator

Perfect website for those looking for ideas to get a tattoo or new addition for the existing tattoo. There are varieties of fonts that can be choosing and all you have to do is inserting your favorite quote or word, and then choose the fonts. You can also adjust the length, spacing, size and many more to make it real. One should never have a wrong tattoo done; hence this tool will help you create your perfect tattoo!


  1. Convert PDF

Tired of having to pay every time you need to convert PDF to Word file? This website will do it for you for free. You no longer have to do it manually, especially when converting from JPG to PDF. This website offers you variety types of files to be converted (PDF, Word and JPG).  Not to forget, additional options such as merge PDF and split PDF. This online tool will make your working life easier.


  1. Cool Letters

In need of cool logos and letter but running out of time to find the logo designer? Afraid not, this online tool will do it all for you. With more than 100 choices of existing logo to be chosen, all you have to do is insert your name or words, and then you can choose the logo from the choices given. You can also customize it until you are satisfied. This will make it easier for you to create your desirable logo.


  1. Ringtone Maker

Say goodbye to your boring default ringtone and say hello to that new Adam Levine’s song as your ringtone. Now you don’t have to use whole song as your ringtone, you can simply use the chorus, verse or even ending! This tool will be at help. It is free, easy tools to create ringtone and you can adjust the duration and part that you want to use.


  1. Animate Yourself

Hate using the same avatar again and again? Time to customize your own avatar or just simply cartoon yourself. This website would change your face into a lovely cartoon character, or an angry one. Up for you to choose from the various range of emotions provided. This is a fun website which you can enjoy with your loved ones as well. So create some Avatars!



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